Homemade Plant-Based Milk

By / Photography By Brittyn Howard | September 01, 2017
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Plant-based milks, such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and cashew milk, not only hold health benefits, but also boast environmental and financial benefits. Compared to whole dairy milk, plant-based milks typically have a third of the calories, half of the fat, a fraction of the carbohydrates, and none of the inflammatory hormones (yes, even “hormone-free” organic milk contains hormones1). While store-bought plant-based milk is convenient, that convenience often comes at the cost of added preservatives or sweeteners. By making your own, you can avoid any unwanted ingredients and completely customize your milk based on your specific preferences.

On average, producing one gallon of cow milk requires 1,000 gallons of water2, over 40 times the amount needed to make one gallon of almond milk! Dairy cows also produce over 1 billion pounds of waste each year3 and 150 billion gallons of methane per day4. Opting for more plant-based foods and beverages makes for a cleaner environment and a healthier diet.

By following a general recipe of 1 cup soaked nuts + 4 cups water + natural (whole-food) flavorings, you can quickly and easily create any nut milk you desire! After blending the main ingredients, you simply strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer, a cheesecloth, or designated nut milk bag. You can even use your French press for an easy, mess-free, and ready-to-pour beverage.

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