Flour Tortillas

By / Photography By Brandon Smith | June 27, 2017


Combine flour and salt in a bowl. Using your fingers, work the melted butter into the flour by tossing the flour over it and then rubbing between your fingers until the mixture looks like a coarse meal. Pour water over flour mixture, a little at a time, mixing with a fork as you go (you can use your hands but the water may be too hot). Before adding all of the water, test the mixture by squeezing a ball in your hands. If it sticks together, then don’t add more water. If the mixture crumbles, add more water. If it is too sticky, don’t panic. Just add more flour.

Turn the dough onto a board or clean countertop and knead until it is a smooth, elastic ball. Cut the ball into as many small (about golf ball sized) pieces as you can get. Roll them into little balls and flatten slightly with the palm of your hand. Cover with a wet kitchen towel and let the dough rest for about half an hour. Do not skip this step or they will frustratingly spring back to their original shape each time you roll them out.

Using a rolling pin, roll each ball into a circular shape (or as close as you can get). I prefer thin tortillas. You can roll them out thicker, although my mother may scold you for it. You can drape the rolled out tortillas over the edge of your countertop while your griddle gets hot, but don’t let them dry out.

Heat a dry cast iron skillet or griddle over high heat (please don’t use non-stick). Cook the tortillas about a minute on the first side and about thirty seconds on the other side. Be sure not to leave either side too long or the tortillas will become crispy. Wrap the hot tortillas in a towel while you cook the others. Be sure to eat the first one off the griddle slathered with butter as a reward for your hard work!


  • 6 cups all-purpose flour
  • ¾ cup butter, melted
  • 1½ cups very warm water (if more is needed, add a tablespoon at a time)
  • 1½ teaspoon sea salt
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