Gluten Free In OKC

Dreaming of Donuts

By / Photography By Aaron Snow | December 29, 2015
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Riddle me this:

Saturday mornings. Cartoons. Footie pajamas.________________.
What tastes equally delicious when “ugh” is added to the middle of its name? ________________.
Edible happiness that comes in rings, holes, long johns, and logs. ________________.


Donuts, Doughnuts, Donuts.

I’m sure we all have beloved memories from our childhood and beyond that involve donuts. Remember when OKC got its first Krispy Kreme up on Memorial Road? (Lord, have mercy.) You probably had a favorite go-to option for those late night study breaks, early morning road trips, and weekend lounging sessions. (Mine would be a Maple Long John (from anywhere), Chocolate Glazed Donut Holes (Dunkin’ Donuts), and Dunkin’ Stix (Hostess brand from the Dolly Madison store, formerly located on 30th and MacArthur, chilled in a freezer for approximately 1 hour). OH, THE MEMORIES!

There’s good news and bad news about these sugary delights. The good news is that if you’re an investor looking to open a donut shop (or food truck!) that offers gluten-free (GF) donuts, I will camp out overnight to buy all the things—(hit me up on my cell… donut calls accepted 24/7). The bad news is that no such place currently exists in our lovely city and/or its surrounding area. (Hey Mick Cornett, fix our city’s GF donut problem!) However, all is not lost! We have options! And it doesn’t necessarily require you to be in the kitchen for 2 hours learning how to bake and fry and glaze your own varieties.

Easy Peasy:

Kinnikinnick Foods

(Yes, that’s the real name) offers many varieties of frozen donut options that are quite tasty. I can vouch for the vanilla glazed and chocolate dipped versions personally. They’re even great frozen and straight out of the box! P.S. You can buy these by the case on Amazon if you are intensely excited about donuts.

Spotted at: Whole Foods Market (Western Ave), Sprouts (Edmond, Norman, N May Ave. locations), Akin’s (Quail Springs), Dodson’s Health Foods & Vitamins (Norman), Edmond Health Foods (S Broadway), Buy For Less (NW Expressway, SE 15th St in MWC), Homeland (Yukon), and Uptown Grocery Co (Edmond) You’ll find them in the frozen section.

Katz Gluten Free They make donut holes! Also, custard donuts, jelly donuts, traditional powdered donuts, cinnamon sugar donuts, chocolate glazed and chocolate covered chocolate donuts. Yowza! Bring your freezer bag! P.S. These are also sold on Amazon but in smaller quantities for those with a more rational approach to donut hoarding.

Spotted at: Buy For Less (NW Expressway, SE 15th St in MWC), Sprouts (Edmond, N May, Norman), Natural Grocers (N May), Dodson’s Health Foods & Vitamins (Norman), Crest (MWC), Green Acres Market (S Penn). You’ll find them in the frozen section.

For the Betty and Bobby Bakers of the World:

Kudos to you, you baker mavens. I bet you love slaving in the kitchen for yourself, your friends, and your family. You sweet blessings from above (PLEASE INVITE ME OVER). If you haven’t noticed yet by this issue, I’m just not a chef. I’m an EATER. I don’t like spending an hour making something and waiting for it to bake and then cool and then glaze and then eat. I appreciate your ministry to the world and those around you and so I’m including a recipe for “homemade” donuts. But please, harken thine ears to me: you’re going to spend a lot of time and energy making a huge mess for something that will taste like a cake in the shape of a donut. I understand sometimes you need the adventure and for you—there’s Pinterest. Gather all 37 ingredients and knock yourself out. I support you and I’m happy to eat your creations!

For the rest of us, there’s this trick: the closest thing I’ve ever had that tasted like I remember a donut tasting was a chocolate cake ball covered in a simple powdered sugar glaze. So, I’m just going to cut the crap and lay it out for you.

Donuts or Donut Holes

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